Friday, September 30, 2011

CarbTrim Iced Tea

You don't have to cheat on eating your favorite pasta. CarbTrim Iced tea helps you eliminate unwanted carbs! It is a iced tea drink which contains "White Kidney Bean" extract that helps eliminate unwanted carbohydrates.. 

Say hello to a healthier body.. Hello CarbTrim Iced Tea! :)

I seriously love the apple flavor.. it is clinically proven to help eliminate uwanted carbohydrates! Carb Trim will cost you 180PHP only!

CarbTrim Iced tea is a product of United Laboratories Inc (Unilab) that will be launched soon this October 2011.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

New Facebook Timeline.. How to enable it?

How to enable Facebook Timeline:

1. Log into

2. Enable developer mode. Type "Developer" into the Facebook search box at the upper left.

3. Click the first result (it should be an app made by Facebook with a few hundred users)

4. Go to Developer App (Click this link if Facebook does't put you there automatically)

5. Click Create New App button at the upper right

6. Give name to your new App. Any display name will do and check the box for I agree to the Platform Privacy Policy and click Continue button

7. Look for "Open Graph" on the left hand side

8. Click "Get Started Using Open Graph". Create a test action for your app like: "read" a "book" or "eat" a "sandwich" and click Get Started button.

9. Go back to your Facebook Homescreen

10 Click Get It Now button to start your new Facebook Timeline


Please take note that only Facebook users who run their profile in this Timeline version can only see your New Facebook Timeline. But if they are just ordinary users, they will see your old Facebook profile.

How to DISABLE the new Facebook Timeline?

 1. Go to

2. Click the Apps button at the top most part of the page

3. Click Edit App button at the upper right hand side of the page

4. Click Delete App link on the mid-left hand side of the page

5. Click Confirm button and go back to your profile