Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Summer is here at SM Supermalls!

Summer is just around the corner, and you know what that means - it's time to heat things up and make some unforgettable memories at SM Supermalls!

From March to May, get ready to embark on a fun and fresh summer journey as your favorite SM mall transforms into the perfect hangout venue for you and your loved ones. And with these activities, your summer will surely be packed with excitement and plenty of opportunities to chill with your squad.

Hop on to fun family activities this Easter
Get ready to kick off the festivities with a spectacular array of Easter-themed activities from March 18 to 31! Gather the entire family for unforgettable moments and catch SM’s Easter mascots, the Easter Bunny Bunch, spreading joy and cheer with an abundance of goodies. Brace yourselves for an extraordinary family bonding experience that promises to transport you to a world beyond imagination!

From March 23 to 27 and March 30 to 31, invite your friends and family to participate in the virtual Easter Egg Hunt at SM! Take a trip to your favorite SM mall to hunt and hatch all the virtual Easter eggs – the more, the better. Because the top 30 egg-celent hunters with the most coins will win up to Php 10,000 worth of SM GCs! Easter Egg Hunters may register at

You can also dive into a world of creativity with Easter-themed activities for the little ones. From bunny crafting to egg painting, there's no shortage of fun-filled adventures at the Easter Artventure to explore happening on March 30 to 31.

But what’s Easter without a costume party? Unleash your creativity and participate in the annual Easter Costume Contest on March 31. Whether you're going for cute or fierce, there are magical surprises in store for the whole family. Check out the SM Supermalls Facebook page for registration details.

And from April 1 to May 31, summer at SM officially begins with a variety of family fun activities designed to create lasting memories. Choose from exciting activities such as giant board games, summer fashion shows, fitness camps, workshops, and even a pet fair for our furry friends!

Summer makes the perfect reason to chill out with friends
But summer isn't just about family time - it's also about chilling with your friends and making memories that will last a lifetime. At SM Supermalls, you can do just that with activities like Huetopia, a large summer art installation with integrated experience zones and fun spaces in vivid, bold colors.

And mark your calendars for the Summer Block Party – a three-day summer festival packed with live music, art workshops, food bazaars, and interactive games happening in select SM malls. It's the ultimate hangout spot for Gen Z to unwind and make memories with friends.

Enjoy the hottest deals and treats for everyone!
Of course, no summer hangout would be complete without some killer deals and treats. Dive into a Summer Splash and enjoy scorching summer specials and cool deals available via SM Malls Online. Whether you're shopping for fashion essentials or treating yourself to a refreshing beverage, we've got you covered.

Beat the heat with our coolest celebration yet! Indulge in a variety of cold delights. From April to May, Cooler Fest will indulge you with frosty beverages to icy treats, and make your every visit a refreshing adventure.

And if you are up for more shopping deals, you can explore the Summer Market’s vibrant stalls overflowing with fresh fruits, chilled beverages, and delectable summer treats this April. It's the perfect place to stock up on your favorite summertime snacks.

So what are you waiting for? Head to SM Supermalls this summer and make it one for the books! Come and experience the ultimate summer hangout at SM, where the fun never ends and memories are made to last a lifetime.

To know more about SM Supermalls Easter and Summer activities, visit or follow @SMSupermalls on social media.

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Worry Free Cruising: Holy Week Travels with SM Supermalls’ 50 EV Charging Stations

As the Holy Week approaches, many Filipinos are gearing up for a well-deserved break, seeking the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. Whether you're planning a road trip up north or a leisurely drive down south, you can #ReChargeWithSM through an extensive network of FREE Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS) at 50 SM malls around the Philippines, ensuring your journey is smooth, convenient, and eco-friendly.

#ReChargeWithSM and enjoy your Luzon road trip worry-free at SM Supermalls.

Before setting off on your Holy Week adventure, drive worry-free as SM Supermalls' EVCS remain open to serve you, with the exception of The Podium from Maundy Thursday and Good Friday (March 28-29) and SM City Manila, SM San Fernando Downtown and SM San Pedro on Good Friday (March 29).

Now, let's start your #EVTravelsWithSM with scenic routes and exciting destinations for your Holy Week getaway:

Bataan - Dive into History and Nature
Embark on a historical journey to Bataan, where remnants of World War II stand alongside stunning natural landscapes. Don’t forget to power up before exiting Metro Manila in various EVCS at SM malls, with SM North EDSA and SM Grand Central as your closest stops before hitting NLEX. Before leaving, don't forget to grab some delicious Bataan peanuts or local handicrafts, such as woven baskets or wooden carvings, as pasalubong options for your loved ones back home. With SM Supermalls' EVCS branches scattered along the way, including SM Clark and SM Olongapo Downtown, you can recharge your vehicle worry-free while immersing yourself in Bataan's rich history and scenic beauty.

Catch the cool breeze in Baguio and make stops up on your northbound travel routes at these Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS) at SM malls.

Subic - Thrills and Tranquility by the Sea
For those craving seaside adventures, Subic offers a perfect blend of thrills and tranquility. Kickstart your journey with a recharge at SM malls in Metro Manila before heading towards Subic. Recharge your vehicle at SM Clark or SM Olongapo Central. With SM Supermalls' Head to open outlet stores or grab intricately designed shell crafts as pasalubong for your friends and family. EVCS branches strategically located, including SM Olongapo Downtown, you can enjoy uninterrupted adventures in Subic without worrying about your EV's battery life.

Baguio - Cool Mountain Escapes
Escape the summer heat and head to Baguio, the Philippines' summer capital, for a refreshing mountain getaway. Begin your journey from Metro Manila and make a pitstop at SM North EDSA to charge up your EV. Enroute to Baguio, take in the breathtaking views along Kennon Road or Marcos Highway and recharge your vehicle at SM Baguio or other SM Supermalls' EVCS branches like SM Tarlac and SM Urdaneta Central. With numerous charging options available, including SM Baguio, you can view Baguio's attractions such as Burnham Park and Mines View Park with peace of mind from SM’s Sky Terrace. Before heading home, don't forget to pick up some fresh strawberries or intricately woven Igorot blankets as pasalubong treats too!

Tuguegarao - Culinary Delights and Cultural Treasures
Immerse yourself in the culinary delights and cultural treasures of Tuguegarao, the capital of Cagayan province. Begin your journey from Metro Manila and charge your EV at SM North EDSA before hitting the road. From a stop at SM Clark, recharge your vehicle at SM Cabanatuan or SM Tuguegarao Downtown. Stock up on delicious Tuguegarao longganisa or pancit batil patung to bring home. With SM Supermalls' EVCS branches ensuring reliable charging solutions, you can indulge in Tuguegarao's local cuisine and heritage sites without any worries.

La Union - Surf, Sand, and Sunsets
Experience the laid-back vibe of La Union, known for its surf-worthy waves, golden beaches, and breathtaking sunsets. Kick off your journey from Metro Manila and recharge your EV at SM North EDSA before heading towards La Union to ride the waves and get some locally brewed craft beer or handmade woven accessories. As you drive along the scenic coastal roads, recharge your vehicle at SM Tarlac or SM Urdaneta Central. With SM Supermalls' EVCS branches conveniently located, including SM Baguio, you can enjoy endless hours of surfing, beach hopping, and sunset watching in La Union.

Heading down South? Enjoy mountain views and beachfronts all the way until Bicol and recharge at any of these Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at SM malls.

Tagaytay - A Taste of Cool Breezes and Scenic Views
Escape the city heat and head to Tagaytay, where cool breezes and scenic views await. Start your journey from Metro Manila and charge your EV at SM Mall of Asia or SM Sta. Rosa before hitting the road. As you ascend the winding roads to Tagaytay, enjoy panoramic views of Taal Volcano and recharge your vehicle at SM Sta. Rosa if needed. Don't forget to make more happy memories at Skyranch Tagaytay and pick up some freshly baked goodies such as the famous Tagaytay buko pie or local delicacies like tawilis (freshwater fish) before heading home. With SM Supermalls' EVCS branches ensuring convenience, you can savor the cool mountain air and indulge in Tagaytay's delectable cuisine without worrying about your EV's battery life.

Laguna - Nature's Haven and Cultural Gems
Explore the natural wonders and cultural gems of Laguna, a province teeming with beauty and history. Begin your journey from Metro Manila and charge your EV at SM Mall of Asia or SM BF Paranaque before setting off. Along the way, immerse yourself in nature at Pagsanjan Falls or discover the artistic heritage of Pila town. Make sure to pick up some local delicacies such as espasol (rice cake), and artisanal crafts like pottery or wood carvings as pasalubong gifts for your family and friends Recharge your vehicle at SM San Pedro if needed, and continue your exploration of Laguna's wonders with ease, knowing that SM Supermalls' EVCS branches are there to support your journey.

Batangas - Beach Bliss and Underwater Adventures
Embark on a beach getaway to Batangas, where pristine shores and vibrant marine life await. Start your journey from Metro Manila and charge your EV at SM Mall of Asia or SM BF Paranaque before heading south. Recharge your vehicle at SM Lipa if needed, and continue your beach bliss knowing that SM Supermalls' EVCS branches are there to power your adventure.

Legazpi - Majestic Volcanoes and Pristine Beaches
Discover the majesty of Mayon Volcano and the flavors of Bicolandia in Legazpi, a city steeped in natural beauty and culinary tradition. Begin your journey from Metro Manila and charge your EV at SM Mall of Asia before embarking on the scenic drive to Legazpi. Along the way, marvel at the picturesque landscapes of Sorsogon or the pristine beaches of Caramoan. Recharge your vehicle at SM Legazpi and explore the wonders of Legazpi, from the fiery beauty of Mayon Volcano to the spicy delights of Bicol Express. Grab some pili nuts or pinangat (taro leaves cooked in coconut milk) and souvenir items like miniature Mayon Volcano figurines or intricately woven abaca products before driving home!

SM Supermalls provides FREE Electric Vehicle Charging Stations across 50 SM malls nationwide, majority of which will be operational throughout the Holy Week.

Cruising into Holy Week with SM Supermalls EV Charging Stations
As you embark on your Holy Week adventure, let SM Supermalls' extensive network of EV Charging Stations guide your way. Vacations in the Visayas and Mindanao can also recharge at SM Cebu, SM Cagayan de Oro Downtown and SM Cagayan de Oro Uptown and SM Lanang in Davao. With FREE charging services in strategically located branches nationwide, you can pack your bags, hit the road and make unforgettable memories this Holy Week with SM Supermalls. (SM Supermalls PR)

Monday, March 25, 2024

Sunlight Air’s Cebu Routes

 Sunlight Air in CEBU!

Sunlight Air in Cebu!
Exciting journeys ahead as Sunlight Air expands its flight services to Boracay, Cagayan de Oro, Coron, Iloilo, Manila, and Siargao from CEBU!

CEBU, PHILIPPINES — Summer is on the horizon, and that means it’s time to embrace the heat with a well-deserved vacation to some of our favorite local destinations.

For those itching to explore more of the country’s breathtaking tropical havens, booking a direct flight out from Cebu has never been more convenient. Boutique airline Sunlight Air has recently opened direct flights from Cebu to some of the top vacation spots in the country, perfect for those looking to #LoveLocal this summer.

Here are some destinations you can fly to directly from Cebu that are perfect for the upcoming summer season.

Immerse yourself in the rich culture of Iloilo

One can indulge in many activities when visiting Iloilo, however, an activity you definitely can’t miss when in the province is exploring the grand Islas de Gigantes.

The Islas de Gigantes is an island chain in Iloilo that features several must-see spots for those looking to enjoy both active fun and moments of relaxation. For those who want to take things slow and chill by the beachside, make a stopover at Bantigue Island, Antonia Beach, or Tinagong Dagat, all of which are lauded for their gorgeous white sand and delicious seafood.

Speaking of food, Iloilo is also well-known for its iconic cuisine. Go on a food crawl in some of the province’s most beloved food stops, including Tatoy’s Manokan and Seafood Restaurant and Netong’s La Paz Batchoy, among others. Ilonggos often boast of their native chicken and seafood dishes, so tasting them at these restaurants is a must for anyone going to Iloilo for the first time.

Fly direct from Cebu to Iloilo starting July 2, 2024.

Soar through the skies of Caticlan

When thinking about Caticlan, one is naturally drawn to the sandy, white beaches of Boracay. However, there’s more to the island than what meets the eye.

Get a bird's-eye view by taking to the skies and embarking on a helicopter tour. This brief tour will offer you a new perspective on the iconic island, showcasing its natural beauty, which you don’t often get to see when on the beach. Packages can range from 10 to 20-minute flights, but the memories of the panoramic horizon and deep green islands are bound to stay in your heart forever.

Additionally, you can whip through the sky by taking a parasailing tour. Grab a buddy or your partner to try this new and adventurous experience. The adrenaline will take you higher and higher than ever before, as you fly hundreds of feet above the water. For just 15 minutes, you’ll feel like the sky's the limit and never want to go down.

Fly direct from Cebu to Caticlan starting April 30, 2024.

Traverse the unknown in Busuanga

In Busuanga, the municipality of Coron is a popular spot for serene out-of-town vacationing, especially for those residing in the city.

To get the most out of your trip, book a stay at the Sunlight Ecotourism Island Resort, filled with exquisitely designed villas, relaxing spas, and more. The resort is sure to make you feel a sense of tranquility and peace, with its gorgeous aesthetics and nature-centric environment.

While in Coron, you can also throw caution to the wind and try your hand at wreck diving at the different sites all over the island. Since wreck diving can be quite risky, proper training and certification are required. These are typically provided as a diving package, with your diving instructor-slash-guide. Finding the remains of twelve sunken Japanese warships from World War II may sound daunting, but why not take the plunge and traverse Coron’s historical waters?

Fly direct from Cebu to Busuanga starting April 1, 2024.

Become a jungle junkie in Siargao

Aside from the abundance of surfing spots in Siargao, one enchanting place that’s essential for every traveler to visit is the Maasin Enchanted River.

The river is known for an iconic bent coconut tree with a rope attached to it—that, yes, is meant for swinging, surrounded by an abundance of coconut trees. Channel your inner Tarzan and catapult yourself into the river for that adrenaline rush. With the area being surrounded by bushels of trees, there’s a reason the place has the word “Enchanted” in its name.

If you’re looking for something more on the adventurous side, explore the Tayangban Cave Pools, located in the heart of Siargao. The extreme nature of this spot requires visitors to enter the dark cave already chest-deep in water, with bats potentially flying around inside. Though a bit frightening, the rewards pay off, as the cave's exit will lead you to a brilliant emerald-green rock pool surrounded by trees.

Fly direct from Cebu to Siargao starting April 1, 2024.

With all these exciting things to do just a few hours away from Cebu, you’re sure to have a jam-packed and adventure-filled summer. Looking to explore other destinations in the Philippines? Sunlight Air also offers direct routes from Cebu to Manila starting April 1 and Cagayan de Oro starting July 2.

Plan your next vacation and #ExperienceSunlight with Sunlight Air today. Learn more about Sunlight Air’s other destinations and services or book your next flight through 

About Sunlight Air

Sunlight Air is a domestic boutique airline in the Philippines, dedicated to delivering exceptional service and seamless travel experiences. From its primary bases in Clark and Cebu, the airline flies to select island destinations such as Coron (Busuanga), San Vicente, Siargao, and Manila, allowing passengers to immerse themselves in the diverse beauty of the Philippine islands. It proudly operates a fleet of ATR 72-500 aircraft, renowned for their efficiency, reliability, and comfort. With its high level of safety and operational excellence, passengers are assured of an experience that is comfortable, enjoyable, and stress-free. From booking to arrival, it prioritizes customer satisfaction by providing personalized attention and top-notch assistance throughout their entire travel experience.

Sunday, March 24, 2024

Charge up your EV while recharging your energy at SM Supermalls!

Good news for eco-friendly EV owners! You can find free EV Charging Stations (EVCS) at 49 SM malls nationwide. As the largest network of EVCS, SM Supermalls makes powering up your E-Vehicle quick, convenient, and gives you access to countless activities and entertainment.

The in-mall charging stations support e-Vehicle brands such as Audi, BMW, Fiat, Ford, GMC, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Volkswagen, and Hyundai, among others.

Here are just a few of the activities you can enjoy while powering up your EVs at SM Supermalls.

Have a hearty meal at your favorite restaurant - or try something new!
SM Supermalls have numerous food options you can grab a bite from while waiting for your EV to charge. Dine in at your favorite restaurant, or be adventurous and try something new. Either way, you’re in for a treat, and maybe you’ll find yourself driving back to eat there again next time!

Discover a wide array of dining options at the SM Aura’s Food on Four, or enjoy a Korean Topokki feast at Dookki, located at SM City North EDSA, The Annex, 3rd Level.

Get your steps in by walking around the mall, and taking the perfect selfie!
SM Aura Premier and SM Megamall are well-known for their vast collection of destination shops, while SM City North EDSA boasts of its Sky Garden and Cyberzone, which has all the latest gadgets and gizmos. If you happen to be at SM Mall of Asia, you can enjoy the picturesque sunset at SM by the Bay while having a cup of coffee or any early dinner. There are a lot of places to discover at SM Supermalls, but if you just want to relax, you can get a massage, a facial, or maybe get your hair and nails done while you wait.

From the 3D screen and  Time Sculpture at SM Megamall, to salons and spas at SM Aura, to SM City North EDSA’s Cyberzone, and even sunset coffee at SM by the Bay or SM Mall of Asia, waiting for your EV to charge has never been a more exciting and worthwhile experience.

Catch up on the latest movie offerings!
Everyone knows watching a movie is the ultimate pastime, so why don’t you catch one while your EV is charging up? SM Cinemas have some of the latest blockbuster hits that you can choose from, with great snacks available at the Snack Bar. If you’re going to wait for your charging EV, spend it by keeping yourself entertained!

The SM Cinemas are the perfect place to unwind and enjoy some of the best films in comfort… and style!

Shop, shop, shop!
Time flies by when you are having fun, and what’s more fun than going shopping around The SM Store? Browse each floor for everything and anything you are interested in. Want a new pair of shoes? How about a brand new outfit for the next time you go out with family or friends? Or maybe you’re looking for items to spruce up your home - whatever it is, everything’s at SM!

Drop by The SM Store for good finds and great deals; whether it be fashion, lifestyle, or beauty!

SM Supermalls has a variety of options to choose from to make waiting more productive and fruitful. Next time you find that you need to charge your EV, head on to your nearest SM mall for an aweSM experience, without wasting a single minute of your time.

SM Supermalls’ EV Charging Stations support The SM Green Movement towards a greener planet. For more information on SM Supermalls’ sustainability efforts and a list of EV Charging Stations, visit and follow @smsupermalls on all social media accounts. (SM Supermalls PR)

Friday, March 22, 2024

SM, WMSU renews academic partnership

Aim to help students in internship programs, future job placements, and providing avenues for collaboration, learning, and mutual enrichment, SM City Mindpro sealed its academic partnership with Western Mindanao University (WMSU) anew on March 22.

The ceremonial signing of memorandum of agreement (MOA) was attended by Western Mindanao State University Academic Executives headed by its President, Dr. Ma. Carla Ochotorena; Vice President for Administration and Finance, Dr.  Joselito Madroñal; Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Nursia Barjose; Vice President for Research, Extension, and External Linkages, Dr. Joel Fernando; University and Board Secretary, Associate Prof. Al-Ghani Mohammad; University Legal Officer, and SM City Mindpro representatives led by its Mall Manager, Aileen Ann Villa-Enriquez; Senior Human Resources Manager, Allen Macaso, and alumni employees.

“In the ever-evolving landscape of academia, collaboration is the catalyst for innovation, growth, and the advancement of knowledge. Today, we are thrilled to formalize the renewal of partnership that not only expands our academic horizons, but also opens up new avenues for collaboration and mutual enrichment”, shared Aileen Ann Villa-Enriquez, SM City Mindpro Mall Manager.

Dr. Carla Ochotorena shared her elation knowing that SM employed 40% of its workforce who were WMSU graduates, stating further that the institution has produced globally competitive individuals. 

SM’s renewal of academic partnerships, participation in job fairs, and scholarship grants are just some of the many ways SM gives back to its community. With the recent collaboration, SM City Mindpro hopes to contribute to the community development in the city through academic linkages.