Tuesday, January 12, 2021

SM City Mindpro: A pet-friendly mall in Zamboanga City


Pet owners enjoying their leisure time with their fur friends. 

Having difficulty leaving your pets at home while you have to carry out some errands? Worry no more! Another city’s first, the furry member of the family finds another home inside a mall as SM City Mindpro open doors to cute pets, letting them in and bond with their masters.

Responsible pethood means taking good care of your little fella’s well-being and one way to do it is to bond with them whenever and wherever inside a mall.

Simply make your animal pets feel special by taking extra care while inside the mall: your pet can be hand-carried, inside a carrier or let them walk with a leash but when your little fur friend leaves a mark, clean as you go.

SM City Mindpro love pets and we want them be part of your leisure time. Bring them in and have a #safemallingfun at SM City Mindpro!